Buyers FAQs

How to specify your EJB enclosures
We publish comprehensive data on all our EJB, EJBX, GUB and CCA (Cortem) enclosures. We recommend using the Product Finder, (Advanced Product Filters – see section below), to perform precise specifications filtering across our whole product range. Our specific enclosures product pages contain detailed information for engineers, suppliers and service personnel, including: Technical Description, Specifications, Component Dimensions, Drilling Guides, Heat Dissipation Data, Compliance Certifications and instant Enquiries forms per product. All technical data tables for our products are designed to display responsively and clearly across all mobile devices when in the field.
How to use the Advanced Product Filters (Product Finder)
On the left hand side of the All products/(Product Finder) page you will see the advanced product filters. These (cumulative) filters allow you to specify and locate components by various technical criteria including: Ex Zone, EX Code, IP Grade, Temperature, Certificate Type and Material. Results will be automatically refined as you continue to select the filters. If you just want to jump to a product category, select the category from the drop down selector box on the left hand side of the page.
How do currencies work?
When prices are displayed for a product, the default currency is UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). You may change the currency displayed using the currency switcher on the right of the product pages (GBP, US Dollars or Euros). PLEASE NOTE: these conversions are there as a general guide only. The exchange rates we use are updated regularly, but please remember that you will always be billed in Pounds Sterling at the checkout; the sterling price displayed at checkout will be the figure you pay, or its equivalent according to our final payment gateway providers.
How does shipping work?
Where a product can be ordered directly through our site, your shipping costs will be automatically calculated according to your destination country, the cumulative weight of your shipment, and your delivery preferences. Our preferred carrier is InterlinkExpress, who deliver reliably and securely worldwide, and at very competitive rates. If you have special requirements for carriage, please contact us directly.
How does the product Wishlist work?
For registered users of our website, we provide a Wishlist feature. This allows you to collate and assemble prospective orders for later review, ordering, or discussion with our technical sales team. You will see an Add to Wishlist link on product pages. To view your wishlist/s visit the Wishlist link from the footer menu of our site. NOTE: When adding a product to a Wishlist, a temporary list will be created for you. You will be asked to Login or register for an account to save this list for future use. You may however access this temporary list for up to 30 days, or until you clear your browser history.